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Before a deaf individual becomes a part of your growing team, they typically follow the hiring process similar to their hearing cohorts. 

Deaf employees remain the minority in various business settings, which leaves managers and other employees left wondering how to collaborate with their deaf colleagues when faced with a communication challenge.

To functionally communicate, you require a Business Interpreter who is knowledgeable with business operations, common industry utterances, carries a professional demeanor, and is ultimately comfortable working in a fast-paced, dynamic workspace. Business Interpreters can mend this divide of understanding by effectively interpreting interviews with potential deaf employees, business meetings, and employee training sessions.

Unspoken Language Services supplies interpreters who understand miscommunication is not an option in the workplace. Qualified Business Interpreters take the time to research each organization and are fully prepared with basic knowledge of the client and the deaf employee.

If you're interested in learning about the laws in place to protect people with disabilities within the workplace, below are a few provided resources:

U.S. Department of Justice – A Guide to Disability Rights Laws

U.S Department of Labor

Unspoken Language Services has experience interpreting in the following Business Interpreting settings:

Employment & Interview Services
Board Meetings
Collaboration & Innovation Meetings
Private/ Small Team Building

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