American Sign Language (ASL) Interpreting

Unspoken Language Services is here to ease the language barrier by providing exclusive American Sign Language Interpreting and Transliteration services. We mend the communication challenge amongst an array of hearing calibers while maintaining the utmost professionalism and cultural competence.

What is ASL?

American Sign Language is an unspoken, visual language used predominately in the United States and parts of Canada. The language uses shapes, placement, and movements of the hands, along with facial expressions and body movements to convey information.

Much like the numerous spoken languages around the world, ASL has its own syntax structure and distinctive rules of grammar. As a natural language, sign language is constantly developing and evolving over time.

Through the use of this visual complex language, Unspoken Language Services offers premium American Sign Language interpreting services that make it easier for you and your deaf consumer to freely exchange knowledge and ideas in any environment.

We service the need of ASL Interpreting to consumers who are:

Profoundly Deaf

Hard of Hearing


Deaf Close-Vision


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