Medical Interpreting

Healthcare has a culture of its own: a language with special terminology most laypersons can not understand without further explanation. Certified Medical Interpreters are intimately familiar with medical terminology and specialize in the communication of difficult concepts to deaf patients.

Our Medical Interpreters not only arrive at your medical facility prepared to work with a specific patient, but they have further prepared by researching the case as appropriate. Medical settings are sensitive; whether inpatient, outpatient, or routine appointment, our interpreters are flexible and ready to adapt to a less than ideal interpreting environment.

Learn more about the laws in place to protect people with disabilities in the medical setting here:

Using Sign Language Interpreters for "Effective Communication

U.S. Department of Justice – A Guide to Disability Rights Laws

Unspoken Language Services has experience interpreting in the following Medical Interpreting settings:

Routine Medical Appointments
Health and Wellness

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