Legal Interpreting

Legal Interpreters are not restricted to only courtroom proceedings. In fact, Sign Language Certified: Legal Interpreters are privileged to all appropriate accommodation interactions between attorneys and their deaf clients, especially during depositions, witness interviews, administrative or legislative hearings.

Court-ordered treatment, education programs or meetings between deaf defendants and representatives of the court are also settings within the legal arena where qualified Legal Interpreters should be utilized.

Qualified and Certified Legal Interpreters develop a unique skill set, enabling them to facilitate spoken, legal jargon clearly without interjecting personal bias or beliefs. Highly skilled Legal Interpreters are able to convey legal messages comprehensively for full deaf participation in the justice system. Civil rights award Deaf people the opportunity to have appropriate access to qualified Legal Interpreters. Specific and special expertise in this interpreting setting is of the utmost importance.

The American justice system is a threatening and difficult place for those who are deaf and solely rely on a visual language, ASL, as their main form of communication.

Whether the Deaf or Deaf/Blind are involved at a crime scene, at a courthouse, in a law office, or incarcerated, great injustice and disservice occur when appropriate accommodations are not provided.

In any situation where a deaf person is involved in legal proceedings, a highly qualified Legal Interpreter is the best approach in dissolving the communication hurdle.

Learn more about the laws that protect Deaf people in the legal setting here:

U.S. Department of Justice – A Guide to Disability Rights Laws

U.S Department of Labor

Unspoken Language Services has experience interpreting in the following Legal Interpreting settings:

Legal Depositions
Administrative & Legislative Hearings
Attorney/Client Meetings
Court-Ordered Treatment Programs

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