Mental Health Interpreting

Unspoken Language Services is pleased to have qualified Mental Healthcare Interpreters in your area. We work closely with mental healthcare service professionals to assist in the diagnosis process and the overall treatment plan of those in need. Mental health and well-being is an important aspect of our overall health. Receiving effective communication during a patient's healing is just as significant.

Qualified Mental Healthcare Interpreters understand the professional boundaries involved in such a delicate setting. Our Mental Healthcare interpreters are knowledgeable and trained to set clear boundaries between their obligation to relay communication and their human desire to help individuals in a compromised mental state.

Learn more about the laws that protect Deaf people in the mental healthcare setting here:

U.S. Department of Justice – A Guide to Disability Rights Laws

U.S Department of Labor

Unspoken Language Services has experience interpreting in the following Mental Health Interpreting settings:

Interpersonal Therapy
Family Therapy
Small Group Therapy

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