Educational Interpreting

Providing exceptional Educational Interpreters during this impressionable time is the most prominent. Inadequate interpreters are more detrimental to the deaf child than any other participant involved.

Unspoken Language Services carefully screen its interpreters to determine skill set and experience, and pairs each deaf student with the best possible interpreter. Using this method of attentive placement maximizes student growth and allows for an optimized learning environment.

Deaf children who do not attend Schools for the Deaf are enrolled into local mainstream hearing schools. Now more than ever, deaf children are entering their local mainstream classrooms. In order for deaf students to adapt to their hearing surroundings, accommodations are made.

Educational interpreters are a unique group of individuals with certifications surrounding the special nature of growing minds and fostering peer interactions. 

Learn more about the laws in place to protect people with disabilities within the educational setting:

U.S. Department of Education – Protecting Students With Disabilities

National Association of the Deaf – Higher Education Resources

Unspoken Language Services has experience interpreting in the following Educational Interpreting settings:

Junior & High School
Pre-School/ Pre-K

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