Megha Pandya


7 Tips To Manage Time And Workload As An Interpreter

Interpreting is an incredibly fast-paced career where every minute counts. As an interpreter, you need to juggle research, networking, traveling, skill-building, and actual interpreting. With so much on your plate and such little time, managing your time and workload becomes…


Learn How To Avoid Sign Language Interpreter Burnout

ASL interpreting is a highly demanding job that can lead to occupational burnout. As an interpreter, you often work with people of different temperaments and deal with varied situations— some of which can be emotionally taxing.  Assignments can be triggering…


Career Path For Interpreters 

Interpreting is a highly rewarding career that allows professionals to work with and for the Deaf community. While the profession is rewarding, it comes with its fair share of uncertainties. As an ASL interpreter, you might wonder about the different…


4 Different Types Of Interpreting Specializations

Any place or setting that involves communication between the Deaf community and their hearing peers might require the services of an ASL interpreter- meaning that interpreting is essential in more places than you can imagine.  As a professional interpreter, you…


Top 6 Ethical Considerations For Interpreters 

ASL interpreting comes with its unique set of responsibilities. To do justice to these responsibilities, interpreters must remain ethical in their professional conduct. Like every other profession with a code of conduct to govern the behavior of working individuals, ASL…


Avoid these Common Mistakes as an ASL Interpreter 

ASL interpretation is a complex job that requires utmost precision and dedication. As an interpreter, you serve as a medium for communication between the Deaf and the hearing communities. Any error in the process of interpreting can cause miscommunication and…